Jason & Andrea’s It’s Amore Wedding

Wow, it’s been a while since we got a post up! Don’t worry, there are a LOT more to come! For now, we’re happy to show you some of our favourites from Jason & Andrea’s absolute blast of a wedding day!!!

You might remember Jason & Andrea from their two awesome engagement sessions: It’s Amore, Pizza Parlour Shoot & It’s Amore Engagement Portraits. They were a wonderful couple to shoot then, and they only surpassed it for their wonderful wedding day.

We spent the day with the couple as they got ready, got married, got pics, and got their party on! We felt like family by the end, and we were so blessed to have been part of their day!

We love you guys, and we hope you like your sneak peek at your wedding day:

The Coolest Wedding Crew Evah! From left: Richard & Ryan (Q Digital Design Ltd.), Aadil (badass asst.), Rachel & Dan (us).

Thanks again to Aadil for helping us out, here he is as usual, with one of his awesome shots!

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Mike & Erin, Summer-Love Engagement Session

You ever have one of those moments when your vision and hope for an event ACTUALLY unfold exactly as dreamed?
Well, this is one of those times for us at Diamonds Photography Inc! We had to raincheck this engagement shoot with
Mike and Erin several times, but we have to admit that it was totally worth it!

Erin does the most endearing thing when Mike goes to kiss her, she breaks out into the biggest smile the instant before their lips touch. It’s seriously the most heart-melting moment when you see the joy they feel just being able to touch each other.

And, check out how cute their puppy, Jaxson, looks in these shots. He was a perfect bundle of energy that kept us
laughing throughout the shoot because he’s a springer that really does “spring” right up in the air.

Finally, WE LOVE these photos, but we want to know how YOU FEEL – so leave us a comment or two!

First up, Rachel’s favourite of the shoot:

Again, special thanks goes out to Amanda Babiak from Ultraviolet Photo for assisting us on this shoot – amidst the
millions of mosquitoes and the insane muggy summer heat! Here she is helping out – and permitting me to grab a
twilight pic of her too:

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Craig & Kylie’s Wedding: Football, Cars & Candy Saturday

What do football, cars, and candy have to do with a wedding? A lot if you know this couple! Craig’s family are avid fans, and as you’ll see below, not even a wedding could stop them from enjoying a game. As for cars – well, you should’ve seen the cars at this wedding. The one…

Here’s Aadil, working great with Dan to get that perfect shot:

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Paul & Naomi, A University Union

The University Of Alberta is always great site for unique backgrounds and stately architecture, but the best thing about it is that it all fades to let the subjects shine through. In this case, the subject is the awesome couple, Paul & Naomi.

We’ve now had these two on our blog a few times (for all you returning blog readers); this time, however, was the best. Why? Because this shoot was the conclusion of the awesome lead-up through Victor & Michal’s wedding (where they were simply dating), then through the engagements (where they were…well, engaged), and on to the day they pledged to be man and wife.

Having the wedding at such an international mosaic site like the university worked well too, since most of Paul and Naomi’s guests had to travel to be there for the event. Coming from New Zealand, England, Rwanda and more, these guests came to P-A-R-T-Y! We had an absolute blast capturing the guests’ emotion as they danced for and with the new bride and groom.

Congrats Paul & Naomi…thank you for letting us be a part of your day.

Here are a few of our favourites from the shoot:

Thanks again Aadil!

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