Mike & Erin’s Wedding Day O’Fun

We’ve been anticipating shooting Mike & Erin’s wedding day ever since we shot their EPIC summer-love engagement session. These two are absolutely loving – and fun-loving to boot!

Their bridal party kept us laughing, kept us entertained with a travelling dog that joined us (yes, completely covered in lake water and wanting lots of pets and cuddles), and they kept up with us as we hiked and hiked for these awesome formals. We think all that effort was worth it (and the pair of socks Rachel sacrificed for Erin’s sore feet from hiking in heels, haha).

We hope you like these pics, Mike and Erin, and we hope nothing but the best for the two of you in your married future!

This little puppy followed us EVERYWHERE…well, not so much a puppy and definitely not little, but fun nonetheless!

And, the legendary assistant himself…Aadil:

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Colin & Katie – Love To Infinity & Beyond

I’ve (Rachel) known Katie since…well, forever. I even have a picture of me with her when she is only a few days old. Because of this, I had huge trepidation about shooting her wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want anyone else to shoot it either, but I was terrified of messing up for someone that means so much to me. Well, it turns out I didn’t have to fear, because I absolutely love their images – and I hope you do too!

Colin and Katie are adorable together, and with the Toy Story line “To Infinity & Beyond” as their wedding tagline, it was easy to see their excitement for their futures together. Their bridal party was an absolute blast, whether they were dancing, golfing, singing, stripping, and anything else crazy they happened to do! We think this couple and their friends are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Thank you, Katie & Colin, for choosing us to shoot your day, and we pray blessings upon the two of you to infinity and beyond.

Colin & Katie had an awesome idea for a red-carpet-styled photobooth – and even spray-painted a Ken & Barbie for statuettes.

Thanks again to our assistant Aadil – you’re the best!

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Trevor & Joanna’s Edmonton E-session

Where do you take pictures if you plan on getting married in a colourful and exciting place like Las Vegas? Why, downtown Edmonton of course!

The light at dusk in the downtown core helps electrify the normally dull downtown image, and sets its streets a-blazin. We met this couple the day of the shoot, but since we’d already talked by email, we felt we already knew this fun-loving, awesome couple and we really enjoyed the shoot. They were not shy of kissing in public, sitting in dirty alleys, and willing to wait it out as their crazy photographer jumped into garbage bins to get the shot.

Thank you so much for choosing us to shoot your Edmonton engagement session! We hope you like the pics!

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Bissell Family’s 2010 Portraits

After a wonderful fall family portrait session last year, we were thrilled to shoot another family portrait session for them this year! Thank you Stan, Diana and Ewan! We had a blast shooting with you in downtown Edmonton, and we hope you like your pics!

Check out a few of our favs:

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Announcing Baby Alexa!

We had the pleasure to shoot Jeff & Jessi’s wedding, an awesome Mom-and-son session, and now baby Alexa’s first photoshoot! Shooting with this family is always fun, and I’m (Rachel) always in awe of Jessi’s calm, cool, collected attitude when the world around her is spinning with dizzying energy. You guys are so much fun, and we love that you’ve continued to choose us to capture some of lives’ best moments!

And, Jeff, thanks for always hanging in there, even though we know you HATE having your picture taken.

P.S. In just a few short weeks, Daniel and I will be operating the company out of North Vancouver, BC. We still will be based in Edmonton, AB, so feel free to contact us to book your next shoot (in either city – or, pick a new one! haha).

First up, big brother Nate:

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