Stephen & Ashley!

We headed out to the beautiful Greystone Gardens Bed & Breakfast near Devon with this fun-loving couple. The lush surroundings only emphasized the simple elegance of their outdoor wedding.

Though the sun was perfect for Stephen and Ashley’s wedding, we were all thankful to head into the shade for a few formals.  Take a peek at a few of our favs:

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Mark & Amy’s Wedding!

Hello all! We recently had the honour of shooting the wedding of an amazing couple, Mark and Amy. We met these two awesome people at Amy’s sister Tara’s wedding last year, which we also shot.

We once again had a blast with this group and got some amazing photos. It’s not often we get the chance to bond with our clients at this level, but we felt as though we were shooting one of our own family events.

Take a look at some of our favourites, starting with Amy, then a couple details:

A few formals at Louise McKinney Park:

A shirtless, sexy on-looker:

Partying on a Blue Sky Limo bus:

At the Old Timer’s Cabin, where the real partying went down:

Thanks again to our assistant, Aadil, for helping us out.

One of his famous relaxed portraits:

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Jason & Laura – Engaged!

What a wonderful day we had hiking around downtown Edmonton hitting up a vast array of locations with Jason and Laura. They made the time fly as they had us laughing and posing for pictures – beautiful ones that is.

Take a look and see what I mean:

Jason’s sweet, mid-air David Lee Roth kick!

A few from the McKay Avenue School:

Laura looks very interested in Modern Biology:

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Daniel & Laura!

Hey everybody! Wow, did we have a great time with Daniel and Laura on their wedding day. The clouds teased us with a little rain and a lot of thunder, but we all, especially Dan & Laura, rode out the semi-storm.

As you’ll notice, these two could not keep their eyes off each other, despite the gorgeous scenery and lighting. They took us to Gold Bar Park, which is an amazing location we’ve never shot at before. We always just turned around after we saw the sewage treatment plants, but this time we drove all the way, and man was it worth it!
Take a look-see, starting with their private outdoor ceremony:

Running down the “aisle”:

At the end of the “aisle”:

A stolen moment at their night ceremony:

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Brian and Brandy – the Big Day

We started bright and early in the morning and stuck it out ’til the wee hours of the night to celebrate with this awesome couple. Also, we got a new member to our team, Aadil, and this was the perfect wedding to throw him in head first. Scroll to the end of the post to check out his pic and one of the many sweet shots he took.

And now…the goods:

Aadil at his finest…

One of his gorgeous pics:

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