1940s Portrait Sessions – Pin-Up, Glamour & Fun

Inspiration can come in many forms for us. It could be other photographers, a great movie, an awesome dinner, an exotic trip, or in this case, some awesome friends. After we created a scene that had been floating in Rachel’s head for a while, all the ladies who offered their time for the shoot received a mini-portrait session to showcase their individuality as a thanks from us. And, today we’ve included those sessions below!

We hit up the Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, CN Railway Station for its timeless stage, and we think it worked out perfectly! We introduced the girls and their characters in the post Getting Inspired by a Decade – The 1940s, so, if you missed out on that post, go check it out now!

Special thanks go to our assistant Aadil for helping wrangle dogs, flowers, batteries and more! Here he is at work:

And finally, Rachel. This shoot was inspired by my grandmother’s hats which she wore in the 40s and 50s. One of them is seen below on top of Rachel’s head! (Shot taken by Aadil) Thanks again to Aadil, Amanda, Andi, Ashley, Christan, Isabela, Janelle, Lucy and Pichu. We appreciate you coming out to support us in growing as individuals and as a company.

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