Jordan and Becky’s Wedding

You’ve probably seen Jordan and Becky before; we’ve posted about them twice now, chronicling their journey to proposal and engagement. We’ve enjoyed summer and fall weather on our shoots with them as we hiked through the river valley, or climbed all over the Legislature, but both fall short of the beauty we got to experience with them on their winter wedding day. 

Both the bride and the groom arrived early to the Union Bank Inn to do the final stages of their preparation before their intimate weekday ceremony. From there we all travelled to the Louise McKinney Park for formals, where we noticed early on that knee-deep snow does not work well with the beautiful open-toed shoes the ladies were wearing. Opting to jump out of her shoes completely, and even going barefoot on the snowy sidewalk, wins Becky our Bravest Bride award. 

We stole a few hazy sunsetting photos in the rivervalley, before we headed on to the University of Alberta and beyond. We had some downtown hidden-gem locations we wanted to hit – and we weren’t letting them slip away even though the sun had disappeared completely – so we sent the bridal party on ahead without us. Thank goodness for obliging security guards on freezing cold days, which gained us access to these areas! Finally, we ended the night back where we started, with an all-out-party-hardy reception and an awesome candy bar. 

Thank you again Jordan and Becky for choosing us to travel with you on your adventure together. We look forward to seeing what comes next for you! 

A special shout-out to bridesmaid and makeup artist Mallory Shwetz of Keyk’d Makeup Artistry, for making the girls look so glamorous!

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