Monthly Archives: January 2010

Jordan and Becky’s Wedding

You’ve probably seen Jordan and Becky before; we’ve posted about them twice now, chronicling their journey to proposal and engagement. We’ve enjoyed summer and fall weather on our shoots with them as we hiked through the river valley, or climbed all over the Legislature, but both fall short of the beauty we got to experience… Read more »

Greg & Julie’s Winter Wedding

We headed out to Neerlandia, Alberta, for Greg and Julie’s amazing winter wedding. It was a photographer’s dream come true, full of fireworks, fresh fields of snow, a secluded cabin, a huge bonfire, sleds, a home-made hockey rink, a converted yellow bus, and some of the best winter sunsets we’ve ever had the pleasure to… Read more »

Baby Benjamin Makes His Debut

The end of 2009 brought a baby boom to Diamonds Photography’s awesome former brides and grooms, among them, Jason and Laura brought baby Benjamin into their welcoming arms. Some of the grooviest clients, Jason and Laura have managed to keep us informed of awesome music (Vitamin String Quartet, anyone?) and keep us laughing through their… Read more »

Macdonell Family Pics – 3 yrs & 2 Kids Later

We shot Cam and Nadine’s wedding in early 2007, and they have been some of the most instrumental clients to our business’s success – not to mention that they’ve become great friends too! We were excited for them when they welcomed Livia into the family almost exactly two years ago today, and when they asked… Read more »