Cory & Sandra’s Engagement

Cory and Sandra had to battle Edmonton’s extreme summer weather this year, as at least 5 of their engagement sessions got rained out! This time, we said, let’s go for it! And in between massive showers, we snuck in some dark and dreamy photos. 

I love the background colour in these shots – it’s sexy, it’s dark, it’s rich, and it totally played off the bright and sunny personalities of the couple in question. They laughed, joked, tickled, tackled, and licked each other throughout the shoot, making for a lot of hilarious moments. And the day wouldn’t have been complete without a ride on their motorbike! Thunder and bikes just seem to go together! 

Cory and Sandra’s big day is fast approaching – and I can tell it will be a day of love filled with a ton of laughter. Until then, take a peek at a few of our favourite moments with them!

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