Mike & Laura

On our second wedding adventure with Laura (not HER second wedding, she was a bridesmaid in Mat and Kyla’s wedding last year), we got to see her fun-loving attitude also extended to her groom, Mike. These two love life and love each other – and they were truly easy to follow throughout their day. In the midst of the hilarity and antics, we found some stunning quiet moments that will stand out in our memories forever.

From the Transitions Salon, to their intimate backyard ceremony in Beaumont, to some obliging parks near Ellerslie and finally off to Gateway Rec Centre, there wasn’t a single minute that felt busy or rushed.

Thanks to you both, your awesome bridal party, and your loving family for welcoming us to join you on your wedding day!

Check out some of our favourite shots below:

The best assistant, Aadil:

One of his pictures:

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